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Innovative Snow Day

Today Eastern Mennonite School is testing an innovative idea.  Using Haiku, a learning management system, the teachers are able to give the students the classwork equivalent of a school day.

Snow day experiment.

Snow day experiment.

The instructions are:

“If you are reading this because it is a snow day, then AWESOME.  This assignment is going to be EPIC.  🙂

Your science assignment is to design and carryout an awesome experiment of your choice.  If it can be snow related that is even better.  It is not required that you do something outside, but if you want an excuse to get out you can.

You need to write up a Purpose Question, your Hypothesis, a brief Procedures list, and then after your experiment is concluded, to Chart your results or write your Observations and then record your Conclusions.

If you want to list your experiment choice in the Comments section, you can which might give others some ideas.  Have FUN with this.  I can’t wait to hear what you came up with.”

She also has a companion math assignment to graph and analyze her experiment.

Each instructor has provided a unique learning assignment that qualifies as a school day.

Elementary students are equipped with a “snow day folder” which contains activities to be completed prior to the next school day.



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  1. Rebecca says:

    My favorite assignment for my kindergartener so far: “Guess how much of your room you can clean in two minutes and then try cleaning it for 2 minutes. Did you do more or less than you thought you would? Was your prediction close, or were you surprised at the result?” Boy he cleaned it quickly!


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