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What will your money buy

A recent article on MSN’s Real Estate page discussed What you can buy for $100,000 and followed that up with What you can buy for $1 million.  I thought it would be interesting to see what $100,000 will get you in the Harrisonburg area.

There are currently 42 properties available for less than $100,000.  Of those properties 12 are Hunter’s Ridge units, 9 are townhomes or condominiums in other developments.  Four are bank owned properties.  Four more are owned by an estate.  Leaving 13 homes that are occupied by the owner, a tenant, or are vacant.

The least expensive listing is 5484 Byrd Orchard Rd in Timberville.  Priced at $30,000 it is listed as in poor condition, and has no indoor bathrooms.

Least expensive home

For a complete list of homes available for less than $100,000 , check out www.jayyutzy.com or give me a call.


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    What criteria do you use to search for a home? Is price the driving factor or is it value? Working with a Realtor you can set specific criteria to find a property or home that meets your needs.


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